Awful Magazines

Wee Boy (notices a Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail pile: “Mom! What is that?!”
Marley: “oh that’s a catalog with stuff for women.”
Wee Boy: “She’s in her underwear! Does Dave look at these?”
Marley: “that’s actually sent to me”
Wee Boy: “well I think it’s sick!”
(2 minutes later)
Wee Boy: Hey you think I could look at it?


Looks like the Devil

Wee Boy: So what’s that movie that’s so scary my mom won’t watch it?
Me: The Exorcist. It’s a freaky movie dude. You definitely don’t want to watch that.
Wee Boy: yeah. That’s the one about the devil getting inside a kid right?
Me: Yeah pretty much
Wee Boy: so, what does the kid look like? Does he look like Justin Bieber?
Me: Ha no. It’s actually a little girl that gets possessed. Why did you think Justin Bieber?
Wee Boy: Oh I dunno. I guess he just looks like somebody who would have the devil inside of them.