Women and haircuts

Wee Boy: so you know that girl I like at school?
Me: yeah
Wee Boy: I don’t think she really likes me back
Me: oh really? Why do you say that?
Wee Boy: I dunno. Prolly because I don’t have a cool enough haircut. You think I could go to the barber soon?
Me: yeah I suppose.
Wee Boy: cool. If that doesn’t work I’ll just seek out another.


Purpose of Tae Kwan DO

Me: so I hear you may be interest in Tae Kwan Do?
Wee Boy: eh, maybe. I might like to try it.
Me: cool! We can see what classes are available at the gym. The about karate is that you have to be responsible with what they teach you
Wee Boy: what do you mean?
Me: well you can’t use Tae Kwan Do as an excuse to go pick fights with kids. We’d have to take you out of the program if that happens
Wee Boy: oh don’t worry Dave, I already know how to fight kids, I don’t need Tae Kwan Do for that, I just like the belts and the uniform.

Favorite President

Wee Boy: You know who my favorite president is?
Marley McAnally: who?
Wee Boy: George Washington. Because he had wooden teeth. So he didn’t have to waste time brushing them. They were probably like dentures. It’d be pretty awesome to be president and not have to brush your teeth