Career options

Wee Boy: If I wanted to, I bet I could be a doctor or a nurse
Marley: yeah? Why do you say that?
Wee Boy: well I know how to diagnose things. Like at school Barbera told me her ear was bleeding and I diagnosed it for her
Marley: oh yeah? What did you tell her?
Wee Boy: I told her she’s probably going to die


The right rights

Wee Boy: you know who’s pretty awesome?
Me: who?
Wee Boy: black people
Me: what makes you say that?
Wee Boy: well we learned in school how they fought and got silver rights. So that’s pretty awesome
Me: silver rights?
Wee Boy: yeah
Me: I think you mean Civil Rights
Wee Boy: oh. Well I guess that’s pretty good too

Hard Day at School

Me: So bud let’s talk about our day. How’d your day go?
Wee Boy: Well, I farted at school a lot. I couldn’t help it.
Me: oh..did people say anything?
Wee Boy: No. Well Miss Gurnee looked at me and then looked away and went to get a book. But I kept on farting. So Dave, tell me about how your day went?