The Breakfast Club

(Watching Breakfast Club)
Emilio Estevez: what did your parents do to you?
Ally Sheedy: (whispers) they ignore me
Wee Boy: what did she say?
Marley: she said her parents ignore her
Wee Boy: oh. Yeah, looking at her I can see why

Sharknado commentary

Me: what’s your favorite thing about this movie (Sharknado)
Wee Boy: when the sharks attack the people and the people attack the sharks
Me: what’s your least favorite thing?
Wee Boy: The drama and pretty much everything else. But the music is good.


Handcuff fantasies

Wee Boy: hey I’m going to put these handcuffs on
Me: on yourself?
Wee Boy: Yeah
Me: You’re really into those cuffs eh?
Wee Boy: well yeah. You know how sometimes you want to see what it’s like to be a criminal? That’s what I’m doing. “Get me out of here! I was framed! I’ll never last in prison!”

Dogs and teeth

Marley: Go upstairs and brush your teeth
Wee Boy: but I’m playing with Sophie
Marley: well it’s time to brush your teeth
Wee Boy: *sigh* well all I wanna do is just be a boy who loves his dog but i guess teeth are more important

Chicken and forks

Marley: Matthew use a fork to eat your chicken!
Wee Boy: well I like using my hands
Marley: when you’re at the dinner table you use your fork. That’s table manners.
Wee Boy: You know, this weekend my grandpa told me to use a fork while eating my chicken strips. I didn’t like it, so I used my hands. He didn’t like it but I have a feeling my whole family is about to turn against me. Even you. Yep, I’m in for a long battle.