Gender Utopia

Wee Boy: Dave, you know what’d be great? If the world were divided and girls had one side and boys had the other. Girls could have their flowers and it would be all pretty on their side and on the boys side you could poop and fart anytime you want. It’d be awesome!

Hair Preferences

Marley: Matthew do you like blonde or brunette girls?
Wee Boy: I don’t really care about that
Marley: That’s good! I hope you learn to like girls for who they are because looks aren’t everything. Girls come in all different shapes and sizes and you have to find ones that are nice people.
Wee Boy: hmm…well actually, if you put it like that, I do like it better if they are blonde.


Rare Women

Wee Boy: So look at this girl in my Ripley’s Believe It Or Not book has hair that is 22ft long.
Me: wow that’s crazy
Wee Boy: that’s right. Dave I’m not an expert, but I would say a girl like that is hard to come by.