Girls At School

Me: alright dude, how’d your day go?
Wee Boy: well my day was going good right up until it started.
Me: oh yeah?
Wee Boy: yeah right when I went to home room, it all went downhill
Me: what happened?
Wee Boy: well you know those two girls I go to school with? Barbara and Katrina?
Me: yeah
Wee Boy: well for two years now they see me coming and they start saying my name. Finally today I told them I’ve had it.
Me: uh oh, was everything okay?
Wee Boy: well, not exactly. I told them I got three lists of people in my head. The good people, like you and my mom, the medium people, and the people I hate. And I told them they are about to get downgraded to the medium list. I take that stuff really serious. Does that mean I have an anger management problem?


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