Celebrating Columbus Day

Marley: Well I was thinking of taking Matthew to the zoo Monday, but since its Columbus Day, everyone and their mom will be there.
Wee Boy: so what is Columbus Day about?
Me: Seriously you don’t know?
Wee Boy: No?
Me: Who do you know in history that had the last name of Columbus?
Wee Boy: I have no clue
Me: I’ll give you a hint, his first name starts with a C
Wee Boy: umm…Crazy Horse?
Me: no…what year was America discovered?
Wee Boy: 1887?
Me: haha no 1492. Do you know the rhyme for that?
Wee Boy: no?
Marley: his name was Chris….
Wee Boy: Christopher Columbus! That was on the tip of my tongue.
Me: yeah, so Columbus Day is a holiday to remember his first trip to America
Wee Boy: So is that why all the moms go to the zoo?
Me: what? Why do you say that?
Wee Boy: well my mom said people go to the zoo with their moms on Columbus Day. Is that because the moms want to teach their kids about Columbus with the animals?


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