The Great Texas Turtle Over-run and the rise of Phil Graham

Wee Boy: so you’re saying if I let my turtles go they could overpopulate the area and destroy the environment.
Me: yeah that’s pretty much it. It’d be like the great turtle overrun of 1985 in Texas
Wee Boy: what was that?
Me: well a little kid let his turtles loose in Texas and they over populated the state and got really powerful. One named Phil Graham even became a senator.
Wee Boy: well turtles may have gotten that far but that’s nothing according to my Guiness world records book about frogs that over populated Florida
Me: did they run for office yet?
Wee Boy: it doesn’t say but I’m sure if turtles did frogs would. Hey wait..Mom is Dave kidding or is that true about turtles and the senator in Texas?


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