Women Outnumbering Men

Wee Boy: Dave I have a really important question- are there more men or more women on the planet?
Me: I think there’s more women
Wee Boy: why?
Me: oh I don’t know. I think women tend to live longer.
Wee Boy: do you think they’ll gang up and take over?
Me: heh naw doubt it
Wee Boy: all this time I really thought there was more men in the world. Hopefully women don’t gang up.
Me: I wouldn’t worry about that dude. I think men and women work fine together
Wee Boy: yeah but what happens if women find out they outnumber men? I just hope men are nice enough women don’t decide to take over when that happens.
(A couple minutes later)
Wee Boy: hey Dave can we look up on your phone if there’s more women than men? I want to double check.


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