Celebrating Columbus Day

Marley: Well I was thinking of taking Matthew to the zoo Monday, but since its Columbus Day, everyone and their mom will be there.
Wee Boy: so what is Columbus Day about?
Me: Seriously you don’t know?
Wee Boy: No?
Me: Who do you know in history that had the last name of Columbus?
Wee Boy: I have no clue
Me: I’ll give you a hint, his first name starts with a C
Wee Boy: umm…Crazy Horse?
Me: no…what year was America discovered?
Wee Boy: 1887?
Me: haha no 1492. Do you know the rhyme for that?
Wee Boy: no?
Marley: his name was Chris….
Wee Boy: Christopher Columbus! That was on the tip of my tongue.
Me: yeah, so Columbus Day is a holiday to remember his first trip to America
Wee Boy: So is that why all the moms go to the zoo?
Me: what? Why do you say that?
Wee Boy: well my mom said people go to the zoo with their moms on Columbus Day. Is that because the moms want to teach their kids about Columbus with the animals?


Valid Presidential Platforms

Wee Boy: so Dave which one are you cheering for? Obama or Romney?
Me: oh I dunno. I like some things each of them say and don’t like other things they say. How about you?
Wee Boy: well, I am cheering for Romney. I guess the issue I agree with him on is that he supports a better future. I think that’s a pretty good idea.

Time Relativity

(Title scene of Braveheart comes on)

Wee Boy: what does 1280 A.D. mean?
Me: that’s the year this movie took place
Wee Boy: wow! That was a long time ago! I’m not positive but I think that might even be before my grandma was born!

Feeling Sorry for Mitt Romney

Wee Boy(at his computer): I really feel sorry for Mitt Romney
Me: oh yeah? Why’s that?
Wee Boy: well he lost the election to Obama, and based on these votes, he’s going to lose the Time For Kids Person of the Year to Obama AND Michael Phelps! I wish he could at least win SOMETHING for once!