Home Security

Wee Boy: so when are we taking a trip to Australia?
Me: when you come up with 15 grand or so to afford the trip
Wee Boy: hmm, well I don’t have that much. The only reason I want to go is because I want to get an emu egg so I can raise it
Me: well even if you do get an emu egg, you’re not raising it at our house
Wee Boy: well have you thought of the benefits? We’d never have burglars because they’d see the emu through the windows.
Me: so you’re saying emus make good guard animals?
Wee Boy: yes! Plus we could make sure its friends with Sophie. We could put signs up that say “Beware Attack Emus”. It’d be perfect! Just don’t make an omelett out of the egg Dave. That would make me really upset.
Me: well how about we just put up the signs. We don’t need to actually have the attack Emu.
Wee Boy: Dave. That’s ridiculous. Burglars will never believe it just because there’s a sign.


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