Child Negativity

Marley: Okay Matthew, TV off now. You need to read for at least 30 minutes today, so why don’t you go get one of your chapter books?
Wee Boy: well how about I stop watching TV and play Nintendo
Marley: no, Matthew you need to read. Dave and I will be watching a documentary in the living room
Wee Boy: well how about I play Legos and read Time for kids?
Marley: Matthew you need to read your chapter books! I didn’t spend $50 on those books for you not to read them!
Wee Boy: well I just think that…
Marley: Matthew I’m not going to argue with you. You need to spend 30 minutes reading your chapter book! Go do it!
Wee Boy: You know mom, I’m really concerned about all this negativity. I think this negative attitude towards your child is really unhealthy


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