Words and Eyewitness Accounts

Wee Boy: “I throwed a rock at this tree and it broke in two”
Me: “You ‘threw’ the rock”
Wee Boy: “why can’t I say throwed?”
Me:”because throwed isn’t a word”
Wee Boy: Yes it is
Me:”Umm.. No it’s not!”
Wee Boy: “Yes it is I’ve seen it! You calling me a liar?”


Safeguarding from Squirrels

Wee Boy (playing outside comes rushing to the back door banging on it): “I need to get in the house really fast!”
Me: why?
Wee Boy: I have some acorns!
Me: so?
Wee Boy: So if I stay out here with these things the squirrels are going to get me!
Me: you’re not playing video games if you come in
Wee Boy: well I guess I COULD bury them then

Keep this in mind

Wee Boy (interrupting): hey Marley: Matthew Dave is talking wait until he’s done
Wee Boy: well I need to tell you something
Marley: well wait!
(2 minutes later)
Marley: okay you can talk
Wee Boy: good I needed to tell you…a boy megladon can have a baby without a girl megladon. Remember that.